Immediate help with your care tasks

We help you find balance between work, caregiving and taking care of yourself


Fello offers care for family caregivers

Your employer offers free help and support for anyone who cares for a loved one. To us, it is important that both you and the person you care for feel well. We want to make sure you don’t feel alone and, that an expert in caregiving understands the challenges you face. Fello coaches are ready to answer all your questions.


The help you get

The Fello coaches help with:

  • managing tasks in the field of housing, welfare, care and finances;
  • answering any questions you may have;
  • thinking about possibilities and making personal considerations;
  • lending an ear


A coach can help with anything from applying for Wmo, Wlz, Pgb, home care, respite care, financial arrangements, coaching,  professional help, , transport, to peer support. You will never have to search for local community resources again .

This is how we care for each other

As a caring employee, you always have direct access to a coach who helps you:

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Managing tasks regarding housing, welfare, care and finances.

Answer any questions.

Think in possibilities.

Lending an ear.

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The Fello coach is ready for you

Do you have a question or challenge? Please contact us and we will link you to a coach. The coach:

  • knows federal and local resources that can support you ;
  • knows what care and help can be purchased locally;
  • arranges that you get the help you need.

A Fello coach also offers mental support by lending an ear and being your mentor. The coach will  make you think about your own needs and will  show you how your friends and family can help too. The coach will help you to find balance again.

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Useful information

Did you know there is a lot of useful information available for caregivers? We collect this information for you so  you don’t have to search for it anymore.

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  • How do I know if I need help with my caregiving tasks?

    From our experience we know that asking questions can help prevent issues in the future. We have also seen that it can be hard for caregivers to ask the right questions. So even when you’re not sure what kind of help you need, Fello can help you. 

  • How much will help from Fello cost for me?

    Does your employer have a contract with Fello? Then you won’t have to pay for any of the help. Employers pay for Fello because they find it important that caregivers with a job are able to feel happy and healthy at work and at home. By using Fello, caregivers don’t have to rely on insurance or their own savings.

  • Will Fello share my personal information with my employer?

    Fello won’t share personal information about you and your situation as a caregiver with your employer. The employer can only see some basic information. Do you want to know more about how Fello deals with personal information? Check our privacy statement.

  • Why does my employer collaborate with Fello?

    Your employer wants to take good care of her employees. Supporting caregivers manage their caregiving tasks is one of the employee benefits they can offer to help.

  • What does my employer have to do with my caregiving tasks?

    Employees wellbeing is very important to many employers. They want to help you find balance in your life. One way to help you is by offering help through Fello. Employers don’t know which employees receive help from Fello. So they also won’t receive any personal information.

I need help

Do you have a question for Fello? Send an email, call us or send a WhatsApp. We are always available during office hours.

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